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BTS Namjoon’s Message of Self-Love: “Love Wins Over Everything!”

BTS members have consistently given positivity to the world over the years. They enter the stage with a joyful and lively attitude. Their motivations constantly inspire and reassure fans. Behind all of the enthusiasm and happiness, BTS had to endure all of the negativity and hardships.

BTS Namjoon and Army

It is difficult to become renowned; once you are popular and famous, you attract the attention of others, and every move you make is scrutinized. It is difficult to achieve success in the entertainment sector. BTS began at the bottom and rose to recognition in the entertainment industry after ten years of dedicated work.

Throughout their ten-year history, BTS has created healing songs for the public, promoted messages of self-love, and staged self-love campaigns. ‘Love-myself’ was one of their most successful campaigns. They created an entire album about self-love. BTS helped millions of individuals in discovering self-love. As a result, many people admire BTS for assisting them in overcoming hardships. Boys receive unconditional affection from their fans as a result of the love and respect they have shown to their fans since the beginning. Actually, the relationship between BTS and their fans (ARMY) goes beyond that of a fan-artist tie.

BTS - Love myself - UNICEF
‘LOVE MYSELF partnered with Japan Committee for UNICEF, expanding the campaign globally’ | Image:

Rm discusses nasty remarks and cyberbullying in his latest birthday board cast on Weverse Live. He added that BTS used to get a lot of criticism for not doing anything improper. Namjoon wished to kill himself to leave all the negative things behind and be tranquil during the hate and bullying period. However, he gained strength and support from millions of ARMYs around the world, and he was able to survive until now because of the love he received.

“Love yourself,” BTS never fails to remind us. | Image: BTS official via Twitter

He said, “In the past, I used to think I wanted to die a lot because of all the hate and things like that. But in the end, love wins over everything.”

However, following what Namjoon discussed on his Weverse Live, fans were worried about Namjoon and his members and confessed their love for BTS.

Joonie and BTS, I love you so much and very sincerely. You’re like that best friend who saved me from far away. We’ll keep loving you till the end of time. 

Much love to you and the other six as well. I can’t understand the sacrifices and pressure you have all endured for your fans. I thank you so much and remain in my prayers. 

Don’t worry even think about it rm, you saved many people’s lives. We love you so much and we can’t live without you. 

The thought of that is heartbreaking! We need all 7. Stay strong RM. 

f*ck everyone that hates on this beautiful soul. 

I love you so much Joonie, always here for you. 

Love Myself with BTS | Image:
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